What’s the Right Attitude For Weight Loss Success?

Chances are that your attitude to weight-loss success is focused entirely on dropping the pounds until you reach your ultimate goal. After all, by setting a concrete goal and working until you achieve it, you’ll be much more successful than not having a weight-loss goal at all — right?

Actually, many health and fitness experts believe that it’s this kind of attitude that can set you up for overall failure, since many people tend to cease their healthy habits once they’ve reached their ultimate weight-loss goal. However, this attitude is hazardous to your health — and your waistline! — since these healthy habits are crucial to not just losing the weight, but keeping it off permanently. Therefore, by telling yourself that once you reach a certain weight you’ll be able to have pizza in your diet again, you’ve just committed once of the most fatal errors against weight-loss success.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have an overall weight-loss goal to begin with — rather, it shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. Instead, the right attitude for weight-loss success should be that dieting and fitness is an ongoing journey, not a means to an end. This way, your weight-loss journey transforms into a healthy lifestyle that has no final destination, so you’ll be far more likely to keep off those pounds for good rather than becoming a dreaded yo-yo dieter.

It helps to have some weight-loss goals that can’t be measured by a scale. For example, set other goals that you can attain regardless of whether or not you reach that desired weight. Do you want to be able to run a mile without stopping? Want to ride your bike in a statewide marathon? These kinds of goals will keep you from viewing that final weight as the ultimate goal – and that’s the right attitude for weight-loss success!