Weight Loss Success Tip – Don’t Forget to Eat

Forget to eat? Who “forgets” to eat? After all, don’t we get hungry so we remember to eat? And besides, wouldn’t I be apt to lose weight by NOT eating?

First, it is possible to “forget” to eat. While we do get hungry, if you are like me you don’t always listen to the cues your body sends you. That’s how so many of us end up overweight…by not paying attention to our bodies. To have weight loss success we must learn to listen…and to remember to eat.

Are you really good at “pushing through”…hunger…pain…fatigue? This can serve you in an emergency, but how many emergencies are you really facing every day? This is just not a healthy habit for every day living.

What “pushing through” does is train your brain to ignore the signals your body is sending-important signals-ones that, if you listen, will help you achieve and maintain your optimum health and well-being.
Ignoring the signals your body sends lets you skip meals…and so it seems you are saving calories and should therefore lose weight. But ultimately skipping meals is a calorie INducer not reducer-you will gain weight not lose it.

I know from personal experience-it is one of the reasons I got to be 125 pounds overweight!
I didn’t pay attention to when I was hungry, or when I was full. I ate when it was time, when I could, or when food was in front of me.

I thought I was working hard and being productive. If no one stopped me, I might power right through until it had been 8 or more hours since breakfast.

Was that day more productive for it? Possibly. But it was not productive for the long-run and it was definitely not a healthy pattern. I was doing NO ONE any favors-not my employer, not my coworkers, not my family and certainly not myself.

By ignoring the early signals of hunger…that grizzly bear in my stomach…I became that Grizzly…cranky, slow, and eating everything in sight like I was preparing for hibernation.

These days I know a much better solution for health and weight loss success. I eat small meals or snacks-up to 6 times a day. This helps keep blood sugar levels stable and personalities that resemble Teddy Bears more than Grizzlies.

It seems like this would lead to weight gain, but actually eating in this way frequently REDUCES the overall caloric intake in a day-because you avoid a feeding frenzy. With more even blood sugar levels you are less tempted to raid the frig late at night, you are less susceptible to cravings…in other words, you need less “willpower.” So it turns out by eating more frequently you don’t have to diet and you will still lose weight.

So, if your goal is to have weight loss success, then one of the most important things you can do is to remember to eat-and to eat often!