How Managing Your Stress Can Lead To PCOS Weight Loss Success

Many women don’t fully understand how much stress is a silent roadblock that can directly impact their ability to lose weight, especially those with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

Cortisol is a key stress response hormone, which increases cravings for certain foods such as carbohydrates, sugars, starches and grains. When you eat them, instead of getting used for energy, they are instead getting turned into and stored as fat because of the already existing hormonal imbalance PCOS causes. In particular, stress magnifies the body’s already impaired response to eating which can be a weight loss disaster.

For some people, even people without PCOS, stress can cause enough of a disruption in their hormonal balance that they gain weight even if they are not overeating and when they are exercising regularly.

There are two kinds of stress; eustress and distress. Eustress is what we experience when we feel excitement or we are energized by good news or events that we are looking forward to such as am upcoming wedding, graduation, job promotion or party. This kind of stress does not seem to harm health and wellbeing. However, distress does have a negative impact on your health and wellness and it can increase feelings of anxiety, depression, and interfere with your weight loss.

Our response to stress matters a lot especially if you want success in losing PCOS related weight because it is such a challenge to begin with. For success with PCOS weight loss it is critically important to have healthy ways to deal with stress. When it comes to stress management, there are many options to fit even the busiest of schedules.

One path is to use specific herbs and supplements along with certain nutrition and diet choices, good sleep habits, and other lifestyle elements that we can control about how we live that can help a PCOS sufferer to better handle stress.

One obvious way to deal with stress is exercise. Not only is it beneficial for PCOS weight loss benefits, but it can be a really great way to reduce stress. Exercise literally helps to burn the chemicals released in response to stress and this helps to minimize the damage that can be done.

Another way is to just take a moment to consciously and intentionally relax such as meditation. Deep breathing is a simple easy way to release some stress that you could build into your day. These can both help to contradict any feelings of stress.

Stretching is another great was to help melt away stress and you can do this while standing in line, behind a desk at work, or while in your car in a traffic jam. You might be limited in how you can stretch but you can still stretch pretty much anywhere.

Sexual expression and intimate contact can relieve stress especially when shared with a partner whom you really care about. So consider sexual activity as a possible way to release stress provided that that is part of a healthy relationship.

Other ways to help relieve stress are to get a massage, take a warm bath, or simply have a cup of tea.

So basically, bottom line is this there are numerous ways to effectively tame stress. It’s essential to find what works for your needs and situation so that you can get on that path that will increase your chances of PCOS weight loss success. If you get off track, it’s okay, just get right back to managing your stress as quickly as you can so it doesn’t wreck your weight loss goals and success.