Biggest Loser Shows Belief in Self Crucial to Achieving Permanent Weight Loss Success

Believing in ourselves is one of the biggest weight loss challenges we face. Many of us have somehow bought into the idea that we are not as deserving as someone else, that we are “less than” or unworthy of weight loss success.

You have to learn that you deserve to lose weight and to be healthy. This challenge is harder than working out; it is harder than dieting; this is where the real work lies.

Diets and exercising don’t give you permanent weight loss. They are tools to help you lose pounds, but unless you change your mindset about your body and yourself then you are destined to gain the weight back. That is the real reason that diets don’t work…why the vast majority of people who lose weight gain it right back.

It isn’t that our bodies fail us. It isn’t that we are weak physically. It isn’t even that we lack willpower. It is our mindset about weight loss that does us in!

Once we change our thinking and come from the perspective that weight loss is our right…that we deserve health…and that we are doing it for ourselves, not for anyone else…then, and only then, can we have true, permanent weight loss success-the kind that lasts a lifetime.

You must be willing to grow mentally and emotionally during this process.

Will you have to learn to make some changes in your lifestyle choices? Sure. But you can do these over time…and if you approach it from the mindset of health and deserving then these changes are so much easier to make.

Recently on the Biggest Loser television show one of the contestants was facing this issue. After one of the people he really admired was eliminated, this contestant was deeply shaken. It was probably the best thing that could have happened to him because it forced him to face his own issues of deservability.

He recognized that one of his weight loss challenges was facing his emotions and believing he didn’t deserve to lose weight. As he put it he had to stop running from his feelings and start running towards and through them.

By running through our feelings we come out winners at losing weight!

At the Biggest Loser Ranch they have Bob and Jillian to help them face their fears and to assist them in recognizing and believing that they do deserve to have the healthy bodies they crave. We don’t have that luxury so we must get our support from other places.

One of the best ways to change your mindset about yourself is to do affirmations in the mirror that reinforce that you are worthy of love…after all, that is what deservability really is all about!

These affirmations are from Gillian Bowles, a certified teacher of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life courses
I am worth loving
I do not have to earn love. I am loveable because I exist.
Others reflect the love I have for myself.