7 Steps to Weight Loss Success While Traveling and Visiting Family

Whether you travel often or infrequently, travels can interrupt our best plans at losing weight. The good news is that it doesn’t have to! Even if your travels include visiting with your family-those people who know all the buttons to push, the people you love the most and at the same time are irritated by the most… even with all that you can have weight loss success on your trips if you follow 7 simple steps.


Your mindset is by far the most important factor to your weight loss success-at home or on the road. As long as you believe you can do it, then you can!


Come to terms with the reality that there are some things that are just out of your control. That being said, you do have control over the most important thing-your attitude, your reaction to what is happening. You can control how you choose to respond to any situation…and that can make all the difference!

Plan Ahead

In order to maintain your control in adverse conditions it helps to plan ahead as much as possible. Bring things with you that will help you in maintaining your goals. Plan to succeed and you will have a much better chance. Don’t plan and your chance of failure is much higher.


Make a list of things you can do when you are faced with your eating triggers. Some of the options that you use at home won’t work while you are on the road…but you may be surprised at how many of them translate really well on the road…if you plan for them. In other words, if one of the options you have that helps you at home is to go for a walk, then bring your favorite walking shoes on the trip so you can follow up and use the options you know already work for you! This is not the time to come up with new tools.


Remember that you are now an adult…but even so, if you are visiting your parents you will always be their little kid on some level. As an adult you have a lot more control than you did as a kid, so even if things happened at home that you couldn’t control and so you ate to cover up the emotions, you are an adult now and you have a whole toolkit of new skills. Don’t make it a requirement that THEY treat you differently, because you can’t control them. Stay in adult mode and you will have a much easier time adhering to your weight loss plan.


While traveling being flexible is a quality that will provide you with a much more pleasant journey…and therefore increase the chances that you will be able to maintain your health and fitness goals. Don’t be rigid in your dietary requirements or exercise routine…keep in mind there are ample healthy choices you can make. Just because you can’t eat or exercise the way you would normally at home doesn’t mean you have to pig out or sit around all day.


Set your weight loss goals for your trip…but be realistic about it. No matter your goals, by being realistic you have a better chance of reaching them. If you exceed the goal that is great, but keep the goal something that you know you can achieve.

Biggest Loser Shows Belief in Self Crucial to Achieving Permanent Weight Loss Success

Believing in ourselves is one of the biggest weight loss challenges we face. Many of us have somehow bought into the idea that we are not as deserving as someone else, that we are “less than” or unworthy of weight loss success.

You have to learn that you deserve to lose weight and to be healthy. This challenge is harder than working out; it is harder than dieting; this is where the real work lies.

Diets and exercising don’t give you permanent weight loss. They are tools to help you lose pounds, but unless you change your mindset about your body and yourself then you are destined to gain the weight back. That is the real reason that diets don’t work…why the vast majority of people who lose weight gain it right back.

It isn’t that our bodies fail us. It isn’t that we are weak physically. It isn’t even that we lack willpower. It is our mindset about weight loss that does us in!

Once we change our thinking and come from the perspective that weight loss is our right…that we deserve health…and that we are doing it for ourselves, not for anyone else…then, and only then, can we have true, permanent weight loss success-the kind that lasts a lifetime.

You must be willing to grow mentally and emotionally during this process.

Will you have to learn to make some changes in your lifestyle choices? Sure. But you can do these over time…and if you approach it from the mindset of health and deserving then these changes are so much easier to make.

Recently on the Biggest Loser television show one of the contestants was facing this issue. After one of the people he really admired was eliminated, this contestant was deeply shaken. It was probably the best thing that could have happened to him because it forced him to face his own issues of deservability.

He recognized that one of his weight loss challenges was facing his emotions and believing he didn’t deserve to lose weight. As he put it he had to stop running from his feelings and start running towards and through them.

By running through our feelings we come out winners at losing weight!

At the Biggest Loser Ranch they have Bob and Jillian to help them face their fears and to assist them in recognizing and believing that they do deserve to have the healthy bodies they crave. We don’t have that luxury so we must get our support from other places.

One of the best ways to change your mindset about yourself is to do affirmations in the mirror that reinforce that you are worthy of love…after all, that is what deservability really is all about!

These affirmations are from Gillian Bowles, a certified teacher of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life courses
I am worth loving
I do not have to earn love. I am loveable because I exist.
Others reflect the love I have for myself.

Acai Berry – Is it Really Known For It’s Weight Loss Success?

You need to shape up and lose a few pounds. You are a busy person, and you try to lose the pounds, but are you missing something? Why are you not achieving weight loss success?

You cut back on what you eat and you try to eat right. You walk when you can, take the stairs rather than the elevator and yet, you really need something extra to help. Look at losing weight by adding the super fruit, the Acai berry to your busy life style. The Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-e) berry is a tiny purple blue berry that comes from the Amazon Rain Forest, and grows on a palm tree. The people of the Amazon Rain Forest have known for years that this berry had health properties. Now we know that one of the benefits it helps with is weight loss. Look at some of the health benefits and see how they, together with diet and exercise, help you shed the pounds, and become a weight loss success story.

There are many facts that make this the perfect super food of choice. First of all it is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants such as flavonoids and anthocyanins are necessary to our bodies because they help neutralize harmful free radicals. Much like rust will build up on tin, our bodies have a means of collecting and holding onto harmful free radicals. Rust can be cleaned from tin, and the tin protected from further damage. In much the same way, our cells can he cleaned and better protected from future damage.

In order for you to appreciate how Acai berry can help you have weight loss success, you need to first understand the connection between weight and fat loss with antioxidants. You see, in losing weight, the body fat content is reduced and since our body fat stores toxins, they are released into our bodies. Not only so, but free radicals that affect our cell development are also released via a process called oxidation. Same thing that happens to that piece of tin left out to rust. Now you add a healthy dose of antioxidants to counter act that oxidation process. You will get that boost in your supper berry supplement. The results are now you have healthier cells. You can see this in a glow in your over all skin tone. And what you see on the outside, is happening to your inside cells as well.

We all know weight loss is simply a means of burning more calories than you eat, or working off extra calories with exercise. Take in fewer calories and you drop pounds. Add a brisk work out to your daily routine and you can shed pounds. Add Acai berry products to your daily health plan and you will shed pounds. By simply using this berry as a dietary support, you will start to effectively improve your metabolism.

A well working and quick burning metabolism is a key factor in weight loss. Remember your body is burning calories even when you sleep, but the speed and efficiency of your metabolism will have a big impact on how many calories are burned.

Other weight shedding benefits of this fruit are its rich nutritional composition. Acai is high in protein. Deficient or low amount of protein in the body can lead to elevated levels of blood sugar. Elevated blood sugar can lead to stress on the pancreas and the immune system. A top notch immune system is what will protect our bodies from undesirable illnesses, toxins in our environment, viruses and other microbes that can weaken our bodies. When you go on a diet to loose weight, shed pounds and shape up, body changes can trigger a weaker immune system. To help keep your immune system in shape, this little berry is the answer.

The fruit is a power house of fiber, natures natural scrub brush. High amounts of fiber will help clean your intestine and remove pounds of built up waste. You will have less bloat, a slimmer waist line and a flatter tummy. You will look better and feel better as your intestinal system works more efficiently.

Acai is a rich natural source of vitamins and minerals. The complex B vitamin combination found in the berry will help to give you a boost of energy. When you feel more energetic, you feel more like moving and working out. The more you move or work out, the more calories you burn and the more pounds you drop.

The acai berry, a natural power house of nutritional benefits, nature made just right for your weight loss success program.

Weight Loss Success While Visiting Family – The Impossible Dream?

We love our families and want to visit with them…but so many times we find when we do our willpower and best intentions regarding our health, fitness and weight loss goals fly out the window. Is it impossible to successfully stick to your weight loss plan while spending time with our parents? Are we destined to pack on pounds along with our suitcase?

For many of us it is much easier to keep to our plan when we are in a controlled environment. We may not be at the Biggest Loser Ranch, but we are in our own domains and have some level of control over the food that is in our cupboard and our daily routine including our exercise.

When we travel, or have others visit us, some of that control vacates. Not all of it…even though it may seem like it. Wherever we go we have choices that we can make…choices that can keep us on the weight loss success path or down the road to weight gain.

What is the secret to maintaining our health and fitness goals while visiting family?

The secret is in your mindset. Mindset and weight loss go hand in hand, especially when we are out of our normal environment. It is easy to believe that losing weight is impossible while you are “back home”…or even that it is inevitable that you will gain weight while there. If that is what you believe, then you will struggle during the visit and more than likely prove yourself right.

Before you leave on your trip, pack a positive mindset along with your clothes. Decide that you can have a different outcome this trip. Every day you are a different person than the day before. You are learning new skills, making new choices, laying the path for weight loss success one brick at a time. So this visit will be like no other visit.

Having that positive mindset is the first step and it is crucial to your success…but your positive mindset can be sorely challenged when you are around people who push our buttons, or whose health habits are less than stellar. That is where the second step comes in: planning ahead.

What is it that has tripped you up during past visits home? What are the weight loss challenges that you recognize you have faced in the past? Write down the three biggest obstacles that you fear will get in your way and how you will handle them if they arise. Give yourself at least 3 distinctly different ways to address your feelings in each case…it may be a physical response (like leaving the room or going for a walk), a mental response (perhaps a phrase that you will repeat to yourself over and over or allowing time for a mini meditation break). The goal is to have a list of things you can do that will help you feel positive about yourself and reinforce your healthy habits and goals.