Are Weight Loss Success and Happy Holidays Mutually Exclusive?

So often we believe that weight loss success cannot happen over the holidays…or only if we have a miserable, deprived holiday season. Who wants that experience? Certainly not I…and I am here to tell you that you can achieve your weight loss goals AND have a happy holiday season at the same time!

The first thing that you must do is to change your thinking about the situation. As long as you continue to believe that you cannot possibly lose weight over the holidays then you will be correct. As long as you believe you lack will power, that there are too many temptations, that this is the one time of year that you are “allowed” to have goodies…as long as these thoughts are forefront in your mind you will be tempted, you will give in, and you will feel bad about the entire experience.

Start by considering the possibility that maybe, just maybe ONE person in the history of the planet has actually lost weight between Halloween and New Years…without being sick, without feeling deprived. This one person had a wonderful couple of months, easily met their health goals, had a lot of fun, enjoyed their favorite foods, and still managed to lose weight.

Now that you have considered that possibility, try to consider it without feeling jealous! Feel glad for them…for their health; their joy; their success; their ability to drop fat easily while others around them struggle.

Next, can you be open to the idea that if that one person achieved it…then maybe other people can? And if one person did it, and other people can do it, can you be open to the possibility that YOU can?

Every day, look in the mirror and affirm that it is possible to lose weight…or maintain weight…or become healthier…any time of year, including the holidays. Write your affirmation down everywhere and repeat it to yourself throughout the day until it is drummed into your brain.

Have sticky notes on your computer; your bathroom mirror; the visor of your car; your front door. Write it in a journal; a white board; scrap paper. Write it over and over.

Write and say the affirmation repeatedly. Doing it once is not enough. You no doubt have plenty of thoughts about your inability to lose weight…and you have practiced these over and over again so you no longer have to think about them…them seem like facts, memorized, and they come unbidden to the surface.

It is your job no to replace those habitual thoughts with new ones…and this takes practice. You can write it on a chalkboard or create flashcards if you choose, but write it down and say it.

By changing the words that are rolling around in your head you will actually start to believe these new words. If at first you hear some disbelief as you say the words, that’s okay…and completely normal. Start with something that you can believe a little bit, “It is possible to enjoy the holidays AND lose weight.” You can modify this affirmation over time as you believe it more and more. Once you accept that is possible in theory for someone, then you can make it personal, “It is possible for me to enjoy the holidays and lose weight.”

Yes, it is possible to have weight loss success and experience a wonderful holiday season. It starts by changing your mindset…not by counting calories or depriving yourself. I have done it and so can you! You can even affirm, “If Laurie can lose weight and enjoy the holidays, then it is possible, and if it is possible then I can enjoy this holiday season and lose weight, too!”