7 Steps to Weight Loss Success While Traveling and Visiting Family

Whether you travel often or infrequently, travels can interrupt our best plans at losing weight. The good news is that it doesn’t have to! Even if your travels include visiting with your family-those people who know all the buttons to push, the people you love the most and at the same time are irritated by the most… even with all that you can have weight loss success on your trips if you follow 7 simple steps.


Your mindset is by far the most important factor to your weight loss success-at home or on the road. As long as you believe you can do it, then you can!


Come to terms with the reality that there are some things that are just out of your control. That being said, you do have control over the most important thing-your attitude, your reaction to what is happening. You can control how you choose to respond to any situation…and that can make all the difference!

Plan Ahead

In order to maintain your control in adverse conditions it helps to plan ahead as much as possible. Bring things with you that will help you in maintaining your goals. Plan to succeed and you will have a much better chance. Don’t plan and your chance of failure is much higher.


Make a list of things you can do when you are faced with your eating triggers. Some of the options that you use at home won’t work while you are on the road…but you may be surprised at how many of them translate really well on the road…if you plan for them. In other words, if one of the options you have that helps you at home is to go for a walk, then bring your favorite walking shoes on the trip so you can follow up and use the options you know already work for you! This is not the time to come up with new tools.


Remember that you are now an adult…but even so, if you are visiting your parents you will always be their little kid on some level. As an adult you have a lot more control than you did as a kid, so even if things happened at home that you couldn’t control and so you ate to cover up the emotions, you are an adult now and you have a whole toolkit of new skills. Don’t make it a requirement that THEY treat you differently, because you can’t control them. Stay in adult mode and you will have a much easier time adhering to your weight loss plan.


While traveling being flexible is a quality that will provide you with a much more pleasant journey…and therefore increase the chances that you will be able to maintain your health and fitness goals. Don’t be rigid in your dietary requirements or exercise routine…keep in mind there are ample healthy choices you can make. Just because you can’t eat or exercise the way you would normally at home doesn’t mean you have to pig out or sit around all day.


Set your weight loss goals for your trip…but be realistic about it. No matter your goals, by being realistic you have a better chance of reaching them. If you exceed the goal that is great, but keep the goal something that you know you can achieve.