5 Steps To Weight Loss Success

Are you looking for a straightforward, no BS approach to weight loss? Look no further for if you follow these 5 steps to weight loss success exactly as outlined below, you will shed that excess weight and eventually get into the shape you’ve been longing to be in.

Just remember, all the tips and advice in the world will be meaningless unless you are willing to give them a try and stick with it. Drastic weight loss does not happen overnight which is one of the main reasons why folks fail to meet their goal because of the amount of time it takes to lose 30, 50, or even 80+ pounds.

However if you are willing to change some of your current living habits, and truly stick with it for more than a month, then you will find that bad habits can be changed into ones that will have a positive impact on your health and your body.

Follow these 5 specific steps to successful weight loss and you will be astonished at the progress you will make after only one month of effort. Then you’ll be able to envision what type of success you will have if you stick with it for 3 months or even half a year.

1) Nutrition Is Key
Did you know that weight loss success is 70% dependent on your daily nutrition? This is of utmost importance if you want to have any kind of success losing weight and not have to deal with the up and down yo-yo effect that most go through time and time again. It’s not fun to lose a little then to just gain a little back over and over again.

Since there are so many times throughout the day when you will be confronted with either food or drink, any one of these moments you will have the potential to overeat and take in too many calories. The number one reason for weight gain is due to the fact that people eat too many calories on a regular basis without finding a way to burn them off. Afterwards those excess calories simply find a comfortable spot on the body to stay in the form of fat. Focus on your daily nutrition and you will really see your world turn around.

2) Cook For Yourself
If you have been habitually stuck with going out to eat at either restaurants, fast food spots, or even the local pizza joint, this should be one of the first things you should change. Not only will cooking for yourself at home save you a ton of money week after week, but you will be in complete control of everything that is prepared for the meal. This is imperative so that you can focus on preparing your food in an appropriate healthy manner.

3) Portion Size Is Crucial
This is cardinal rule number one when it comes to food – do not overeat! If you overeat, even on healthy food, you will be consuming far more calories than the body needs. Most overweight or obese individuals have a lot of trouble controlling how much is put on the plate in front of them, or resisting the urge to get a second helping of food after the first is finished.

One of the best ways to start controlling the portion size at meals is to drink water. Drink a large glass of water before you even begin eating, and then drink another glass throughout the meal. This will help fill you up so you’ll need less food than you may be used to eating at meal time. Be sure to also take your time when eating your food because it takes the body about 20 minutes to realize that it’s been adequately nourished. Slow down when eating your food, drink a lot of water (not soda or juice) with your meal and you will better control the amount of calories you consume.

4) Healthy Snacks and Travel Lunches
Another important healthy benefit to cooking at home is that you will be able to set aside a lunch portion in a plastic travel container to take with you to work the next day. This should be one of the first habits you develop in conjunction with cooking at home.

When a person is away from home without any snacks or food, they must rely on someplace else to find nourishment whether that be the workplace cafeteria, local market, a restaurant, or a fast food spot all of which provide far too many tempting options someone trying to lose weight does not need to eat. Do without that temptation and simply bring all your properly portioned snacks and lunch meal with you from home. Don’t forget to always have bottles of water or a thermos so you can continue quenching your thirst without having to add useless calories to your overall total for the day in the forms of soda, juice, or energy drinks.

5) Exercise Regularly
Finally don’t forget about the importance of getting some form of exercise into your weekly agenda. If you are just starting out then you may need to begin with the very basics such as walking. Don’t fret about where you’re beginning because everyone has to start somewhere. What’s crucial is that you just start.

Get off the couch, put down the television remote, and get into an exercise routine that you adhere to on a weekly basis. You can possibly start exercising for an hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then on one of the weekend days also. If you put in a minimum of an hour for each session, that will give you a weekly total of 4 hours of exercise. Develop the habit and later as your body gets stronger you can start revising the types of exercises you do.

Be sure to check with your doctor before increasing your physical exercise just to get proper clearance along with some helpful advice from a medical professional.